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Become a Slow Food Member with ANY donation!

Become a Slow Food Member with ANY donation!
Admin - Wed Oct 05, 2011 @ 07:52AM
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Hello Tampa Slow Food Friends and Fans! We would like to share a message from Slow Food USA membership manager, Amiee Campbell:


I know you've heard a lot from us lately. The reason I'm writing again is because we have a fantastic new opportunity to tell you about.

We waived our membership fees in September because we wanted everyone to be able to join our movement, and it generated an amazingly positive response.

In fact, Slow Food USA board member Lynne Frame and her husband Rick Hoskins liked the idea so much that they asked us to continue it for another two weeks - offering to match every new gift dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000.

How could we pass up that kind of an offer?

So, for another two weeks, you can join Slow Food with a donation of any amount – and your gift will have double the impact!

That's twice as much ability to:

  • Plant school gardens and teach children about healthy, fresh food
  • Advocate for food and farm policy that serves farmers, eaters, and the earth 
  • Fight for real, sustainable food to be more accessible for everyone. 

Help us take advantage of this incredible opportunityEvery gift has double the impact, from now through October 15.

Thank you for being a part of this food fight,

Aimee Campbell
Fellow member (and Membership Manager)
Slow Food USA

Slow Food USA

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