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The Slow Food Almanac is Available!

The Slow Food Almanac is Available!
Admin - Mon Aug 15, 2011 @ 02:15PM
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A special message from Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food Movement:

Dear friend,

I’m happy to announce that the Slow Food Almanac is back. A recent addition to our movement’s publications, edition by edition it paints an increasingly effective picture of what we are doing in the world. 

Never before has the Almanac been so rich in stories that describe who we are and what we do—arguably better than lots of theory. “Slow Food and Terra Madre are our home and our project”. In these pages, you’ll read about the activities Slow Food is involved in on every continent through the Terra Madre communities, experiences in the defense of biodiversity and food and taste education.

They are stories of young people, men and women—active, purposive, pivots of their communities—who bring their presence to bear in the places where they live. All we have to do is get these people networking and what they are doing becomes an example, a stimulus and an opportunity for common growth and exchange. We are lucky enough to be on their side so that we can learn from them and let them light our path towards the new paradigms for the future that we are seeking with perseverance and imagination.

Discover all the tools offered by this electronic publication: not only the active links that connect to the various sections of the Slow Food website, but also other websites, photo galleries and video footage. The 2011 Almanac speaks about us and the land we live on: in other words, our true wealth. A wealth that comes out in geomorphological diversity and its anthropization, which allows us to be creative and produce food in a good, clean and fair way, and thus continue to hope for a better world. This is our culture, the culture of Slow Food.

To read the Almanac, click here.

Carlo Petrini
President of Slow Food

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